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Shipments and returns

Delivery/Delay in Delivery

Deliveries that are late or that have not been made do not, under any circumstances, constitute grounds for a claim for compensation on the part of the purchaser. In the event of it being impossible to adhere to agreed delivery times due to force majeure, a breakdown or a delay in delivery from our sub-suppliers, then we are entitled to extend the delivery deadline by the length of time that we were prevented from making deliveries or, optionally, to withdraw from the contract. We are entitled to make partial deliveries. The purchaser may only demand compensation for non-fulfilment if we have caused the deadline for delivery to be exceeded intentionally or through gross negligence.


Please do not return goods under any circumstances without a return number. Returns cannot be processed without a return number. You can only obtain a goods return number by requesting one by e-mail ( quoting the order number, your customer number and the scope of the return. Please apply this goods return number to the outside of the package in such a way that it is clearly visible. Do not enclose any other documents along with the return except for a copy of the delivery note. In particular, do not enclose the invoice, requests for an exchange or new orders.

  1. If the reason for the return is an error on the part of the supplier, we will gladly collect the goods from your premises. Collection can be requested by e-mail to If you would like to send the goods, please do not send them unfranked, as items that are sent unfranked are declined by our goods receiving department. We will reimburse postage costs (normal dispatch by post or parcel service). Once the returns have been processed, you will receive a credit note to the value of the goods without any deductions.
  2. If there is no error on the part of the supplier, there is no legal basis for complying with a request for the goods to be returned. We may, in exceptional cases, agree to such a request in writing, without any legal obligation to do so having been established. Upon provision of our written agreement the goods must be returned to us immediately, in this event, carriage free. Once the return has been processed you will receive a credit note for the invoiced value of the goods less 20% to cover the cost of returning them to storage, however at least shipping and packing costs are not credited.
  3. Samples are not allowed to be returned
  4. Returns are allowed 7 days within receipt of goods.